Entrepreneur hustle and quality

Now that I am getting more and more involved in the start-up community here in Atlanta, I am realizing a two key points. A lot of the products that are being created suck and people are easily convinced to be part of something because of enthusiasm and good marketing. I could soften that blow to many entrepreneur’s egos but I’m not. I hope it wakes them up to start asking the right questions about their product.

It is sad to watch people with incredible marketing skills manipulate and deceive people to be part of their product/company, to invest in it, when they don’t think their product is amazing. There are some basic questions people MUST do before they start their marketing campaign of their product. The first being:

If you are aware of a lot of problems that need solving that is great, but if it is not YOUR problem, you will never be fully invested. The drive, the passion comes from when you are making your own life easier/better because of some new gadget, tool, application. If you are simply doing market research, finding out that a lot of money is in financial services, medical industry, or marketing and THEN you look for a problem in that area to solve, you are going about it the wrong way. You may get lucky. I have seen it WAY too many times of people getting lucky in corporation, not because they are good, or their product is amazing, but they convinced enough people that they needed something that they didn’t and voila everyone has an iPod…iPhone…Drone…

The next question to ask is:

If you don’t ask that, figure out your FIRST solution and pursue it relentlessly, you may not be solving in the best way. This is when you gather other people’s opinion that are NOT like yours. I generally solve a problem at least three different ways. It gives me choices on what I think is the best and when I show solutions to others, they have a choice, so they can be part of the solution process also.

The final question to ask is:

Very rarely does anyone solve things alone. We need help from others. We need graphic designers, marketers, engineers, and much more. Think of who you can surround yourself with who believes in your product (without manipulation/persuasion) and can contribute to your solution.

I hustle everyday and work on new projects, tutorials, curriculum, etc… I love teaching other’s some cool new technique I just learned, or some painful coding lesson that I have never forgotten. I love to be surrounded by people who have opinions and can explain their positions. I do my best to not market myself, not manipulate, and simply inform. I love informing people of things that are out in the world, and I feel that is really what marketing SHOULD be. Let your potential consumers figure out if it is a good product or service. Don’t use propaganda techniques to convince them.

If you have an amazing product/service, you should not need to manipulate, only inform.

The follow up to that is, what makes a service amazing? It depends on your audience, but there are some basics you should always do to make your service amazing.

Be Punctual.

Be Polite.

Listen First.

Deliver Early.

Be Aware.

I didn’t plan on this being a series, but I think each one of these points deserves its own dialog. I’ll make it weekly and starting next week, I’ll Be Punctual with my next post. :-)

Thanks for stopping by and let’s create something amazing!

A fun loving developer who likes to write about, talk about, and teach tech solutions, and help others succeed!

A fun loving developer who likes to write about, talk about, and teach tech solutions, and help others succeed!